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The Athens Music Hall of Fame honors the old, the new, the famous and the not so famous -- those who have blazed a sometimes lonely musical trail before us. We honor those who made Athens a musical place long ago and not so long ago. We believe that fame is not expressed by how much money you've made or how many people you've come to know. Fame is how your music relates to thousands or just a few.

Our wish is that you enjoy the stories that will be told here. Sit back and enjoy a musical journey that started long ago. We honor the music and those who have brought it to the people. This includes the performers and the musicians, music teachers and directors who inspired those performers.

Athens, Georgia has deep musical roots.

Would you believe that long ago Louis Armstrong gave a ride on his bus to a 14 year old Athens musician, or that an Athens musician played on the original Tonight Show?

Come join us! We guarantee you will have fun and learn from the experience of those who "played" before us.

Mr.Billy Shepherd will be honored in July and August posthumously. He saw music from more sides than most of us ever get to. Until we get his pictures and information to post, enjoy "playing" the "Cube". Pictured is, our hard working staff :>)


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*** Meet our first Athens musician honored and interviewed, Mr. Ed Kenimer. Double click video's below. ***


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